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Lisa is a textile designer with deep connections to both traditional crafts and cutting edge digital technologies. She inherited the art of making from her mother and grandmother, and is still influenced by her experience of growing up in an isolated country town in Victoria, where her innate appreciation of the natural environment was formed. Lisa’s work links the past and present, using contemporary design tools to reframe traditional textile practice, where motif, colour and technique combine to create a new art form. 


Lisa has worked with designer-makers and fashion industry clients, as well as exhibiting. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from a wide variety of hands-on roles: freelance design, screen printing design and production, studio management, product development and lecturing. She is currently researching for her masters project. Download CV for further details.


Lisa has established desktop atelier, a new mode of making that merges all the advantages of new technologies with traditional textile techniques and materials, with unexpected results. Drawing and hand embroidery combine with desktop versions of manufacturing tools – digital design and printing, laser cutting, embossing and bonding – so that each piece is developed entirely in the studio.  


desktop atelier

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